Global Company PwC Plans To Ask New Hires To Choose Their Own Hours

Recognizing the desires of the millennial generation (and "gig" economy workers), PwC is asking new hires to tell them what hours they'd like to work.

Millennial workers want a good work-life balance. Many companies are beginning to recognize that part of appealing to younger workers is ensuring that a certain amount of flexibility in scheduling is possible.

One global company is taking that idea to heart, and applying it to how they hire employees in the future. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), an accountancy organization, is creating a screening process that goes in a completely different direction than most employers: by asking the workers what hours they’d like to work instead of the other way around.

Recruiting applicants to what they’re calling the Flexible Talent Network, PwC asks workers what skills or talents they have to offer the company. They also ask what hours they’d be willing to work, including how many days per week they’d like to offer their talents. PwC is even going to extremes on the idea, like asking which months out of the year workers would like off, too.

From that pool of applicants, PwC can then select individuals to work for them on a project-based basis, rather than hiring someone to fill a general position in the company. It’s a move that hopes to capitalize on the “gig” economy, wherein the trend for workers to work on their own terms (including their own schedules) is gaining steam globally.

While some companies are using "tests" to weed-out younger workers, PwC seems to be taking the opposite approach, recruiting workers based on needs they have, and matching potential employees to them (and the hours they desire). It's a potential win-win for both company and worker, and it'll be interesting to see how well the model functions, or whether other companies follow-suit, in the future.

Banner/thumbnail image credit: Vincent Kessler/Reuters

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