By 2100, Climate Change May Kill 260,000 People Per Year

The high temperatures might also exacerbate malaria, diarrhea, heat stress and malnutrition resulting in 250,000 more deaths annually between 2030 and 2050.

It seems global warming may trigger an early Armageddon — in fact, it may come as soon as the end of this century.

Global warming may kill millions of people by 2100, according to two different studies.

By the year 2100, the world is predicted to reach 260,000 annual deaths spurred by climate change’s worsening effect on air pollution, according to a new study from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The study revealed high temperatures “speed up the chemical reactions that create air pollutants like ozone and fine particulate matter, which impact public health. Locations that get drier may also have worse air pollution because of less removal by rain, and increased fires and windblown dust.”

A similar study by the American Association For the Advancement of Science said 4 percent of the world’s population would suffer unsurvivable six-hour heat waves of 35°C WBT (Wet-bulb temperature) at least once between 2071 and 2100.

As of now, around 30 percent of the world is exposed to “lethal heat” conditions at least 20 days a year. However, the number will rise to 74 percent by 2100 if fossil fuel emissions continue at the same rate.

In South Asia, humidity and heat are projected to “exceed the upper limit of human survivability” by the end of this century.

In 2015, a terrible heat wave killed more than 3,500 people in Pakistan and India. Now, scientists believe the conditions may worsen.

The high temperatures would also exacerbate diseases and conditions like malaria, diarrhea, heat stress and malnutrition resulting in 250,000 more deaths each year between 2030 and 2050.

In 2015, Scientific American noted nine out of the 10 deadliest heat waves ever have occurred since 2000. The nine combined killed 128,885 people.

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