‘Go Away Killers’: Vicious Note Left On Syrian Refugee Family’s Door

A family of four refugees who came from Syria to Arizona received a despicable letter full of hateful sentiments posted on their apartment door.

A resettled Syrian refugee family in Tucson, Arizona received a disturbingly vile note posted on their apartment door that continues the pattern of intolerance shown toward refugees during the past year.

The front of the note, written in markers of numerous colors, included various phrases such as “America hates terrorists like you!” and “Please move before danger can happen.”

The back only read, “Shame on you terrorist. May your god forgive you since most people will not. Cowards!”

According to BuzzFeed, the family of four reported the incident to the Tucson Police Department, and while it is under investigation, a police spokesperson has stated that “no suspect has been identified.”

Unfortunately, the family did not feel safe enough to stay in the apartment and has moved in with family friends. Liban Yousuf, Civil Rights Director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Arizona, commented that, “They are staying with another family of seven…It’s an extremely cramped environment but the family is afraid for their safety and do not want to take the risk of returning home.”

It’s a shameful narrative for America that a family who fled a civil war of violence in Syria felt the need to flee hatred here as well.

Our political leaders who continue to fan the flames of paranoia toward refugees have contributed immeasurably to this tense atmosphere; inclusivity is what the U.S. was founded on, yet many of our citizens continue to behave antithetically to the inherent tenets of our country.

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Pixabay, Bru-nO

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