'Go Back To Mexico:' White Woman Hurls Racial Slurs At Latino Family

“If you have those views, maybe you shouldn't be out where there are whoever you're racist against. You can't treat people like that.”


A Latino family in San Antonio went to Six Flags Fiesta Texas where they planned to spend the day and celebrate a family birthday. However, their trip turned out to be an unpleasant one after a white woman hurled racial slurs at them.

The family of six entered the park and grabbed four tables that they planned to occupy for the rest of the day.

Few hours later, a white family of four asked them if they could use one of the tables as they wanted to eat food. The family agreed and gave them a table. As they finished their meal, a young boy of the white family sat on top of the table.

The action irked one of the Latino family members and she told him to get off the table as they had to use it for food afterwards. That is when things escalated and took an unpleasant turn.

Although the father of the child kept calm but the mother totally lost her cool. She began racially abusing the family. She hurled racial slurs at them. She also told them to “go back to Mexico” and “you're welcome for the welfare.”

One of the Mexican family members, Angela Gomez, recorded the racist tirade and uploaded the video to Facebook. In the video, the white woman can be heard hurling racial slurs at the family.

The initial post by Gomez was later taken down by Facebook. However, by then it was all over the internet.  

“We weren't yelling at her kid or anything like that. We weren't trying to be confrontational with them at all. I was just shocked that that was actually happening. It seems lately that people are comfortable with that, with expressing their racism in public like that. If you have those views, maybe you shouldn't be out where there are whoever you're racist against. You can't treat people like that,” she told My San Antonio.

Gomez added after the incident took place, authorities of the amusement park arrived ten minutes later and the duty manager apologized for the incident. However, she said her family wanted a refund.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas released a statement regarding the incident.

“We have zero tolerance for this kind of behavior and deeply regret that this exchange took place in our park,” read the statement.

The incident comes just days after a resident of Centralia, Washington, reportedly abducted a Latino family and forced them to work in his yard in order to give them a taste of what "slavery" felt like.

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