Did ‘The Daily Show’ Cross The Line With Texas Abortion Ruling Tweet?

The satirical Comedy Central show sparked a storm of criticism after tweeting out a particularly awful joke about the SCOTUS ruling.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

“The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” has found itself at the center of an online controversy following the landmark Supreme Court ruling in favor of abortion rights. The court on Monday ruled 5-3 that restrictions on abortion, including doctors requiring admitting privileges at local hospitals, were unconstitutional and placed unwarranted burden on a woman’s right to choose.

While pro-choice advocates around the country celebrated the momentous verdict that struck down excessive restrictions on abortion providers, the popular Comedy Central show reacted to the news with a tasteless joke that failed to land rather miserably.


Needless to say, the reaction over the thoughtless tweet was swift and brutal.






“The Daily Show” responded to the matter by backtracking on its previous tweet and sending out an apology that completely missed the reason the original tweet was offensive.


Leaving aside the semantics of being pro-life or pro-choice, how could one simultaneously say they are not promoting abortions yet claim to be excited over the right to choose?

Although the host, Trevor Noah, most likely did not write the controversial tweet, he too bore the burnt.





It definitely wasn’t one of the finest moments in the history of “The Daily Show,” to be honest.

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