Cop Gives Pot Smoking Teen Two Choices: Go To Jail or Do 200 Pushups

The police force definitely needs more cops like Eric Ball, who can think out of the box to teach teenagers lessons without offending them.

An Arlington, Texas, police officer caught a teen smoking weed in the parking lot of a movie theater. But instead of giving him the conventional punishment to end up in jail, the officer thought of something unique.

Officer Eric Ball decided to give the teen a second chance, and told him to do 200 pushups to avoid going to the police station and keeping his name off the marijuana citation record.

The teen was respectful to the officer and immediately repented for his actions.

 “You give me 200 push-ups, I won't put you in jail,” said Ball.

The teen dropped on the floor and started doing the rounds. A passerby Raiza Paredez started recording the incident after obtaining the officer's permission; she wanted her kids who don’t trust the police know that cops aren’t that bad after all.   

“See, while we think the police is so bad, they are not all bad; he decided he want to be smoking weed on the property so instead of going to jail this is what they are making him do.”

“You might want to think twice about smoking,” said Paradez recording the struggling teen.

“This is what they used to do back in the day when we played football in high school,” said the officer. 

“Coaches make you do pushups, you think twice about doing certain stuff ... especially when you can get off with a second chance,” he added.

“One thing that my department pushes is for us to have compassion, and kind of think outside the box,” said Ball after being praised for his good conduct.

According to police, the teen’s mother later came looking for the officer; she thanked him and appreciated his approach and warned her son.

“She actually thought I was nice because I only made him do 200,” Ball said. “She said he should’ve done 1,000.”

Good work Officer Ball, the world needs more creative thinking cops like you.

Banner/Spot Credit: Reuters

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