Good Samaritan Gets Killed Trying To Save Woman From Assault

The suspect fired several shots, hitting the Good Samaritan in the neck. Two other women were also injured in the incident.

 A man was trying to save a woman from being assaulted outside a Texas Walmart parking lot on Black Friday when he was fatally shot in the neck.

Police told local news that Teles Juarez, 21, was beating a woman, when Isidro Zarate, 39, tried to calm him down.

Zarate pulled his car up to them and told Juarez, “Get your hands off her.” 

That’s when Juarez turned around and shot Zarate in the neck, according to police.

"We had a domestic assault at the parking lot," said San Antonio Police Chief William McManus.

"A 41-year-old male was assaulting his female partner; I don't know if it was his wife or it was his girlfriend, but he was assaulting her pretty badly, and a Good Samaritan drove up, said, 'Get your hands off her.' He had her by her hair. When the Good Samaritan said that, the suspect pulled a handgun and started firing rounds. Struck the Good Samaritan in the neck."

Meanwhile, Zarate’s wife, Lisa Benavides, was shopping inside the store, braving Black Friday crowds, unaware of the situation outside.

A woman riding in the car with Zarate was hit by “shrapnel or flying glass,” police said.

Another stray bullet that flew through the parking lot ended up wounding a third woman, a bystander who wasn’t involved in the confrontation.

Both women are expected to recover.

Police arrested Juarez soon after the incident. He was charged with murder and aggravated assault. 

Benavides says her husband was a peace-loving person, which is why he felt compelled to stop Juarez from assaulting the unidentified female victim of domestic violence.

"He didn't like for a man to beat up on a woman," she told KSAT.

Zarate and Benavides have four sons. She says her husband was a loving father who always encouraged their sons to be kind.

"He's always been like that," Benavides remarked.

"Even though people treat you mean, he said you've always got to be nice. And he always said you've got to help people in the long run. It's going to all come back to you."


"I don't know what I'm going to do without him because we were together 24/7," she added, crying. "We've always been together. I can't believe he's gone."

Zarate’s family set up a fundraising page, asking people for donations to cover the funeral costs.

Within a few days, well-wishers donated more than $40,000 to help with burial expenses.

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