House Republican Boycotts University Over Confederate Statues Removal

“I can tell you as a University of Texas graduate, I’ve never been more embarrassed for my school,” exclaimed GOP Rep. Blake Farenthold.

Shortly after white nationalists and neo-Nazis rallied in Charlottesville, Virginia, the University of Texas decided to take down all Confederate statues on its premises.

The decision outraged many who insisted these symbols of white supremacy embodied the real spirit of the United States. One of these people is House Republican Blake Farenthold, who vowed to not give a single dime to his alma mater, not even in “football tickets,” after the university’s actions.

The GOPrepresentative was a guest at Corpus Christi radio station where a caller expressed his disappointment regarding the institute’s decision.

Farenthold agreed and said, “I can tell you as a University of Texas graduate, I’ve never been more embarrassed for my school.”

Even before the caller dialed in, Farenthold had remarked on the removal of the statues. Taking a rather bizarre line of reasoning, he expressed his disappointment at not being able to take a Congresswoman’s name.

“There’s a congresswoman from Houston whose name is Shiela Jackson Lee. I’m now only referring to her as Shiela because obviously we don’t want to mention Jackson or Lee,” Farenthold said, alluding to Confederate figures Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee.

During the interview, the Republican also berated Antifa members for covering their faces during protests to prevent arrests or later retaliations.

Farenthold said, “If you’re not willing to show your face for your cause, that’s probably a good indication that there’s something wrong with your cause.”

One could obviously say there are other hooded figures in such protests that demand condemnation but have received little from government officials.

The university removed the monuments as it conceded the statues were emblematic of “modern white supremacy and neo-Nazism”. The statues were, the university said, symbolic of the ideology behind the Jim Crow laws and of the subjugation of African Americans.

This is not the first time the lawmaker has made headlines with his remarks.

In July, Farenthold blamed female senators for Obamacare repeal failure. He said it was “absolutely repugnant” that the Republican-controlled Senate had yet to pass a health care bill. While referring to the GOP women who opposed the bill, he said if they were men he would challenge them to a duel.

Image Source: Reuters, Kate Medley

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