GOP Candidate Accuses Parkland Dad Of ‘Exploiting’ Daughter’s Death

Republican Javier Manjarres later posted a non-apology, doubling down on his exploitation accusation by claiming “many Americans” believe Fred Guttenberg is doing so.

Javier Manjarres, a Republican who is running for office in Florida’s 22nd Congressional District, had the audacity to accuse the father of a Parkland shooting victim of exploiting his daughter’s death.

Jaime Guttenberg was one of the 17 lives taken by Nikolas Cruz on Valentine’s Day inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Her father, Fred Guttenberg, has been urging lawmakers to take gun control more seriously ever since, The Hill reports.

National Rifle Association (NRA) spokeswoman Dana Loesch tweeted a Fourth of July meme depicting Kid Rock as somewhat of a Santa Claus figure who brings fireworks to kids if they leave Budweiser and a rifle out for him. When Guttenberg came across it, he clapped back, using sarcasm to remind her how insensitive the post was.

“I would show this to my kid, but she is dead,” Guttenberg wrote. “She was shot by an AR 15 on [Valentine’s Day.] I am sure you meant for your tweet to be cute, but it is just another example of your inability to say or do the right thing.”

Manjarres jumped into the fray, arguing that Guttenberg’s daughter was “shot by some lunatic who had an AR-15, not by the gun itself.”

“C'mon Fred. I can't only imagine the pain you are feeling over the loss of your daughter, but stop exploiting her death in the name of some political agenda,” Manjarres tweeted at Fred Guttenberg. “Your daughter was shot by some lunatic who had an AR-15, not by the gun itself. #Fixit #VoteJavi.”

Guttenberg didn’t back down, however. He responded to Manjarres, setting the record straight about his so-called agenda and his daughter.

“If you call honesty around gun safety exploitation, then you clearly have a political agenda,” he wrote. “By the way, my daughhter [sic] had a name and it was Jaime. Next week she would have turned 15 but because some lunatic had access to this weapon, my daughter will be forever 14.”

Additionally, Guttenberg said he is going to work hard to try to keep Manjarres from being elected.

"You have had your own issues with gun safety,” he wrote. “I will do everything I possibly can to make sure you do not sniff the halls of Congress," he tweeted. “And please, do not mention my daughter again."

The "issues" Guttenberg referred to in his tweet date back to 2016 when Manjarres — who was just a conservative blogger at the time — was arrested in connection with the attempted murder of his sister’s then-boyfriend. Apparently, Manjarres broke the man’s nose and shot bullet holes into his pickup truck.

Manjarres later posted a non-apology, doubling down on his exploitation accusation by claiming “many Americans” believe Guttenberg is doing so. However, he did say he was “truly sorry if my statement sounded insensitive to you and scratched at your loss.”

The saddest, most disgraceful part about this confrontation is that Manjarres’ actions are actually supported and backed by real-life, warm-blooded Americans.

His base, which surely includes Fox News host Laura Ingraham’s loyal viewers, condones these cruel attacks against grieving parents and others who have been affected by gun violence in the name of protecting their right to own firearms which are being used to carry out massacres on a regular basis.

What has become of this country?

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