GOP Candidate: Diversity In The Workplace Will Lead To War

The candidate was under the spotlight for denouncing diversity. Now, he's doubling down and saying that bringing different people together leads to war.

The New Jersey Republican congressional candidate who made headlines for saying that diversity is nothing but a “bunch of crap” is at it again.

Despite the backlash after the video of him mocking efforts to boost diversity was made public, Seth Grossman continues to double down.

This week, he released a statement discussing the New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety’s workplace diversity initiatives.

According to Grossman, efforts to keep the department diverse make a “mockery of the law,” and will eventually lead to war.

That’s right.

“If you want to know where this evil and un-American perversion of ‘diversity’ will take us, go to Afghanistan, Lebanon, or Syria,” Grossman said. “Those countries are divided into dozens of diverse groups with different languages, different religions, and different ethnic groups who hate each other, are afraid of each other, and who kill each other.”

To the GOP candidate, diversity imposed through top-down initiatives leads to conflict, and sometimes, inefficiency.

Bringing up the Rutgers University basketball team, Grossman said that forcing diversity onto the predominantly African-American team would not lead to a positive result.

“Before [New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy (D)] completely screws up the State Police with his diversity quotas, why not try it on the Rutgers basketball team, and see if it helps them win more games,” he suggested.

In an interview last week, Grossman said he grew up in a very diverse environment and that he actually “loves” diversity, but only when it comes to food. 

“Of course, I love diversity,” he said. “I like to go to Chinese restaurants, Italian restaurants, Mexican restaurants, Vietnamese. I grew up in Atlantic City, probably the most racial, multicultural, multisexual-preference city in America, even back in the 1950s when I was growing up.”

But despite coming in contact with a variety of people as a young man, he said diversity as a goal doesn’t produce the desired results.

“[N]ow, diversity has taken on a new political meaning, meaning that if you have an organization, if you have a school, unless you have the proper balance of this racial group, this ethnic group, this sexual preference, it’s bad and that diversity for the sake of diversity is a virtue,” he told reporters. “I think that’s ridiculous.”

During the interview, he also played down the disadvantages African-Americans have experienced over the decades, saying they are “exaggerated,” and appearing to make fun of people whose ancestors were enslaved.

“Most of the African-Americans I speak to about this say that diversity and affirmative action is another word for ‘excuse,’” he told reporters. “Excuse for failure, excuse for not getting training, excuse for no discipline, and that is what is killing the African-American community, the idea that you can succeed without work, without achievement, just because you can say, ‘Well, my great-great-granddaddy was treated unfairly.’ I do not believe in that at all.”

Regardless of what his friends allegedly tell him, it’s clear that he is not going to get far by making little of efforts to boost diversity everywhere.

After all, federal law already protects individuals based on their race, making it impossible for him to try to stop government agencies from implementing their own diversity in the workplace policies. Even if he won the general election and became a New Jersey lawmaker, he would have a hard time implementing this anti-diversity agenda.

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