Clinton’s Response To GOP Chairman’s ‘No Smile’ Comment Is Perfect

Their exchange perfectly sums up what it is like to be a woman running for the highest office in the country.

Men telling women to “smile more” is perhaps one of the most commonly used sexist tropes out there.

Following the first time Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton shared a stage with her Republican rival Donald Trump on NBC’s Commander-In-Chief Forum, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus slammed Clinton for not smiling more — because she should have been less angry when outlining her strategy to defeat terrorist threats, obviously.


His tweet perfectly represents what it is like to be a female politician, even in this day and age, and run for the highest office in the country.

People interpreted Priebus’ comment as a misogynistic attack on Clinton, which it so clearly is.

However, the White House hopeful had the perfect mic-drop response to the GOP head’s criticism:


Twitterati had a lot to say about Priebus’ remarks:









Sadly, this is not the first time a Republican male lawmaker has told Clinton to smile more. After her triumph on Super Tuesday during the presidential primaries earlier this year, former Republican Congressman and current MSNBC host, Joe Scarborough, tweeted pretty much the same thing.


Not too long ago, Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward also criticized Clinton's tone of voice in a sexist rant.


Radio host Sean Hannity once characterized the former first lady's voice as "angry, bitter screaming” while discussing her speech on “The Sean Hannity Show.”


Will they ever learn?


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