GOP Rep Says We Can't Afford Health Care For All But Rich Need Tax Cut

“We can take money from the people who have been successful, but every time we do so they have less money to invest,” opined Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks.

Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks (R), running for the Senate seat left open by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, believes universal health care is an unrealistic goal given how expensive it would be. However, he firmly supports tax cuts for the wealthy 1 percent — because why not?

The Republican lawmaker, who is also a member of the conservative Freedom Caucus, recently appeared on CNN to discuss the overwhelmingly unpopular Senate health care plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Health Care Act.

The Senate GOP delayed the vote and is currently reviewing the American Health Care Act, better known as Trumpcare, after the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated the bill could kick approximately 22 million Americans off their health insurance.

“I would love for every American to have a perfect health care system where we can deliver perfect care every time someone is ill, but we don’t have enough money,” Brooks told host Chris Cuomo. “We have to take into account our financial limitations and do the best we can.”

Coming from Brooks, the statement does not sound very surprising, considering he once suggested people battling serious or life-threatening pre-existing conditions are paying the price for not living a healthy lifestyle.

In other words, he implied sick people are to be blamed for their own illnesses.

However, what was ironic (read: hypocritical) was the Republican’s stance on massive tax cuts benefiting the rich.

“The folks that had the money are the ones that create the jobs that employ us,” Brooks said. “We can take money from the people who have been successful, but every time we do so they have less money to invest. In a free enterprise economy, it’s the wealth that creates the businesses that creates the jobs for our blue collar and middle class workforce. It’s all interrelated and a tough balance to achieve, as evidenced by the Senate having such a difficult time.”

If elected to the Senate, Brooks recently threatened to read the King James Bible in a filibuster to force the funding and building of President Donald Trump’s infamous border wall.

Watch his interview in the video above.

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