GOP Lawmaker Touts 'World's Greatest Healthcare Plan' To Replace ACA

A Texas Republican introduced an alternative to the Affordable Care Act with a title that confused and bewildered many Americans on social media.

Mica and Sessions speak with reporters as they...

It's official: the Republicans are making a total mockery of democracy.

One of the proposed Affordable Care Act replacements, known as House Republican Bill 1275, has been given a completely facetious name.

Introduced by Texas Representative Pete Sessions, the "World's Greatest Healthcare Plan of 2017" has started its journey through the House and Senate and is now en route to President Donald Trump's desk, The Independent reports.

Reports note that this is just one proposed health care replacement bill and the main reform plan being pushed by Paul Ryan and other House Republicans is simply referred to as the American Health Care Act.

The details of the "World's Greatest Healthcare Plan" align closely with the general Republican agenda to eliminate individual and employer health coverage mandates, according to USA Today.

Sessions, with Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-Louisiana), actually proposed similar legislation last year, which shared the same absurd title with the year 2016 instead of 2017. Alas, the previous version of the bill never made it to committee.

A spokesperson for Sessions maintains that the "Greatest Healthcare Plan" isn't meant to compete with the American Health Care Act and the lawmaker believes, "that Republicans have the best plan for health care."

We can all take a sigh of relief knowing this is not what Trump himself is calling his replacement proposal, which thus far sounds like anything but the "world's greatest." However, just the idea that this alternative could possibly come to fruition with such an overzealous title speaks volumes about the elitist Republican mindset. 

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