GOP Mayor Faces Recall After Making Fun Of David Hogg

The Republican mayor of a city in Maine got caught tweeting against Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg. Now, he's facing a recall.

A Republican mayor is set to lose his position after mocking David Hogg on Twitter.

Led by former Democratic mayor and past supporter Karen Heck, the recall effort hopes to see that Waterville Mayor Nick Isgro is removed from office after being elected to a second term last November.

Isgro has been under fire ever since he showed his support for Fox News host Laura Ingraham for her tweet mocking Hogg, a Parkland shooting survivor. On his account, Isgro shared Ingraham’s tweet, saying “Eat it, Hogg.”

The Parkland student had called on Ingraham’s sponsors to boycott her because of her behavior. Unfortunately, Hogg may not have had the chance to act on Isgro, as the mayor did not keep his tweet public for long. But thanks to a group that appears to lean conservative as they support gun rights, a screenshot of his comment was widely circulated online.

Horrified with the mayor’s lack of class, even the group called Isgro to apologize.

“As [Second Amendment] supporters, we don't agree with David's policy ideas, but he should be treated with respect and decency, especially given the terrible tragedy he endured,” the group wrote on Twitter. “Mr. Mayor, apologize.”

On Facebook, Isgro finally acknowledged the tweet and the scandal revolving around it, only to say that “special interest groups [are] spending thousands of dollars — while colluding with well-connected political elites and the local press.”

“It is not about a three word, promptly-deleted comment on social media,” he added. “They do not like the way we run Our City, they do not like that we speak up at meetings, and they do not like how you have worked with me in an effort to put you first.”

In a statement, leaders of the group pushing to have the mayor recalled said that they were confident their efforts were going to pay off.

With a petition totaling 887 signatures, they said, it’s clear that “Waterville citizens are concerned that Mayor Isgro is no longer able to fulfill the duty of acting as a good ambassador for Waterville.”

“He has failed to show leadership, accept responsibility for his actions, and has contributed to the divisiveness in our community,” they added.

A special election will be held June 12, and if voters decide they want Isgro recalled, City Council Chairman Steve Soule, a Democrat, would become acting mayor until a new mayoral election is held.

Considering Hogg was successful in having most of Ingraham’s advertisers pull out of sponsoring “The Ingraham Angle,” it’s incredibly naive of Isgro to think that he could go against the gun control activist and not hurt his political career as a result.

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