Expert Forecasts Debate: Trump ‘Can’t Fake His Way Through 90 Minutes’

A GOP policy expert predicted failure for Donald Trump in the presidential debates because he has nothing of substance to bring to the table.

The presidential debates are quickly approaching and most Americans are anticipating a showdown between rivals Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

CNN contributor and Hoover Institution research fellow Lanhee Chen weighed in on what we can expect from the debates and predicted failure for The Donald.

“He can’t fake his way through 90 minutes,” Chen reportedly said during an appearance on CNN’s “Party People” podcast.

Chen — who has previously worked on the presidential campaigns of Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio — said that voters in the general election want to hear more substance than GOP primary voters.

“The 90-minute general election format makes it a lot harder to one line your way through it,” Chen said. “I think it’s going to be very, very hard for Donald Trump to spend 90 minutes bumper-stickering. I think he’s got to have something.”

Chen nailed it. Thus far, Trump has mostly gotten away with avoiding discussing any real policy plans, other than his absurd immigration proposal, which he has already flip-flopped on.

He released his child care plan last week, which was not received well as it only appeals to wealthy parents.

Furthermore, Trump has finally let go of his birtherism movement against President Barack Obama, which was a crucial element of his campaign.

What hot air does he have left to blow to get him through the debates?

During the primaries, he spent much of his time bashing his opponents from both parties — wooing his aggressive crowds with the insults and name-calling directed at his rivals.

Now that it’s just down to him and Clinton, he’s going to need much more substantive ammunition.

The fact of the matter is that, Trump doesn’t have anything worthwhile to bring to the table.

Trump seems to have an inkling that he isn’t likely to succeed in the debates because he’s already pushing the excuse that he won’t be given a fair chance.

According to Raw Story, he’s been claiming that he knows the debates are “rigged” against him.

By publicizing this narrative before the debates even occur, he can easily come back to it as his excuse when he loses to play the victim and say “I told you so.”

The first presidential debate is set to take place on Monday, and that will be the moment of truth for Trump who, so far, has relied heavily on lies.

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