GOPer Shamelessly Cashes In On Scalise's Shooting For His Campaign Ad

In the ad, Mo Brooks uses an interview he gave right after the shooting to prove he's still a strong supporter of the Second Amendment right to bear arms.

An Alabama congressman running for Attorney General Jeff Session’s open Senate seat faced a barrage of criticism — and rightfully so — after using the shooting of a Republican lawmaker at a Virginia baseball field to promote his election.

Republican Rep. Mo Brooks used the audio of five gun shots and screaming from the June shooting of House Majority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., at a Republican congressional baseball team practice.

Brooks released the controversial spot on his YouTube channel.

In the ad, not only did the GOP representative use audio from the shooting, he also mentioned how the gunman, James Hodgkinson, was a supporter of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The ad opens with the line “Bernie Sanders supporter fires on Republican Congressmen.”

Hodgkinson was a Sanders supporter and volunteered for the Democratic candidate's 2016 presidential election campaign.

Sanders, in response to the tragedy, called it a "despicable act."

Later, for some insane reason, Brooks ironically uses the baseball shooting to promote the Second Amendment.

Brooks uses clips of himself answering questions if the shooting he’d just witnessed had affected his views on “the gun situation in America.”

“The Second Amendment, right to bear arms, is to help ensure we always have a republic. So, no, I’m not changing my position on any of the rights we enjoy as Americans,” Brooks says, as the ad’s background music swells.

Obviously, people (with a conscience) immediately called out Brooks over his insensitive ad.

Brett Horton, Scalise’s chief of staff, responded to a Politico reporter’s tweet about the ad by saying the spot made his “stomach turn.”






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