GOP Senator Wants To Keep North Carolina 'Straight'

He wants to keep “wives and our sisters and our children” from being exposed "to the sexual predators in the bathrooms."

North Carolina state Sen. Buck Newton (R) sees boogeymen everywhere, it seems. Especially those sexual predators suddenly lurking in bathrooms, just waiting to pounce on innocent women and children.

That must be the explanation for Newton, also the Republican nominee for attorney general in North Carolina, after he called for citizens to keep the state "straight." Newton spoke out in favor of North Carolina's so-called bathroom bill that prohibits local governments from legally protecting gay and transgender people from discrimination, as well as stops transgender people from using their preferred public bathroom.

"Go home, tell your friends and family who had to work today what this is all about and how hard we might fight to keep our state straight," Newton proclaimed at a rally Monday.

He also added that supporters of the law have to be vigilant and keep their “wives and our sisters and our children” from being exposed “to the sexual predators in the bathrooms.”

The state senator uttered these words of wisdom during a rally in support of House Bill 2, the controversial measure that limits bathroom access for transgender people in public buildings.

He may feel himself to be in the right (pun intended), but the senator’s remarks drew fire from a lot of people.






But Newton says he has nothing to apologize for and that the bill was aimed at keeping "men out of the bathroom with little girls."

"I think the silly season is upon us, and I think this whole effort by the Democratic Party is to be expected," he said. "I never mentioned gays or anyone. So, I'm not quite sure how they made that leap. Maybe they're being a little sensitive."

He’s not the only Republican with such “fears.” Republican presidential candidate and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz also feels very strongly about his daughters sharing a bathroom with “vicious and dangerous” people. 

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