Last Photos Of Hikers Who Vanished In The Grand Canyon Found On GoPro

A GoPro containing images of the 14-year-old and his step-grandmother, who went missing in the Grand Canyon, has been found.


The haunting images of a 14-year-old and his step- grandmother who went missing during a hike in the Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, have been released.

A search and rescue team came across a GoPro mounted on a backpack.

Jackson Standefer and LouAnn Merrell went missing on April 15, when they were hiking with Randy (LouAnn Merrell’s husband) and Julie Standefer (Jackson's mother) and slipped and fell into rushing water while crossing Tapeats Creek in the park.  

Randy and Julie immediately alerted officials by setting off an emergency GPS locator beacon in the backcountry below the canyon's North Rim.

The National Park Service soon deployed a drone, helicopter and a number of rescuers to help find the missing people, but they’ve had no luck so far.

The teen boy’s step-grandmother Merrell is married to Randy Merrell, the founder of the Merrell Boot Co., so the company provided the National Park with climbers and rescuers to help in the search.

Standefer’s family even provided military-grade drone with the search, but nothing has helped so far.

The GoPro was returned to the boy’s uncle who posted some pictures from it on Facebook to mark a week since the pair disappeared. Although their bodies haven’t been found as yet, several memorial services have been planned.

The family believes the boy and his step-grandmother may have drowned, but are still waiting for a “miracle.”

Banner and thumbnail credit: Creative Commons, Brian W. Schaller

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