GOP's Islamophobic Post Against Ellison Gets The Backlash It Deserves

Minnesota's GOP Facebook page posted a racist image targeting the first Muslim U.S. Congressman, Keith Ellison. Thankfully, the internet was quick to notice.


The Republican Party has had its share of race-related scandals in the past, but nothing could have prepared us for the latest story coming straight from the Minnesota Republican Party.

With an extremely prejudiced Facebook post, the organization managed to send the state's GOP back to the dark ages with a blatantly Islamophobic comment attacking Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minnesota), Raw Story reports. But that's not all, as the incident also appeared to target refugees fleeing war-torn regions of the Middle East.

The post has since been deleted.

Calling the first Muslim congressman “Minnesota’s Head Muslim Goat Humper,” the state's official GOP Facebook page suggested that Ellison's close relationship with Rep. Collin Peterson, another Democrat, would open the gates for more “Muslim refugees coming to Western Minnesota.”

On Twitter, users complained about the blatantly racist tone used by the Minnesota GOP.





Even the state's GOP chair, Jennifer Carnahan, who's been on the job for less than a week, found the post unsavory — to say the least.



Having called the Republican Party the "party of opportunity," Carnahan once said her background as an adoptee from South Korea would insulate the GOP from racist charges.

And now, as a newly-elected chairwoman, she is not missing the opportunity to denounce racism and bigotry. Still, this happened under her watch.

On Facebook, Carnahan added that the unidentified Minnesota GOP staffer responsible for the racist post should resign immediately.

Unfortunately, the damage had already been done.

Now, locals will always remember when the state's official GOP Facebook account shared an openly racist attack on the country's first Muslim congressman.

Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party (DFL) chairman Ken Martin also commented on this incident, issuing a statement slamming “the ignorance and bigotry displayed in this post” and calling it “staggering and disheartening.”

While the person responsible for the post “no longer represents our party,” the MNGOP Seventh District Facebook page reported, it's disheartening to see this happening, especially when the image used on the social media page attacked not only a Muslim lawmaker but also countless others who are struggling to flee war.

Why not hold a sane, healthy debate about immigration instead of resorting to prejudice?

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