Gorka: Trump Silent On Mosque Attack Because It Could Be Faked By Left

The White House aide was on MSNBC defending his boss' silence after the Minneapolis mosque attack, saying that the incident might as well be "fake."

President Donald Trump has been awfully quiet ever since the bomb attack against a Minneapolis mosque took place this past Saturday. Now, the White House is not only defending the president's silence, but it's also suggesting that the event may have been a “fake” hate crime.

The Saturday incident involved a makeshift bomb that was thrown through a Minneapolis mosque window right as people were preparing for morning prayers. Thankfully, nobody was injured, but the imam's office was damaged. While investigations are ongoing, White House aide Sebastian Gorka didn't see anything wrong with saying that, perhaps, this awful attack was the product of left-leaning individuals trying to blame it on right-wing extremists.

During an interview on MSNBC's “Live with Velshi and Ruhle,” Gorka was asked whether the White House was going to call the Saturday incident a terrorist attack. Instead of simply answering yes or no, he went on to say that until the investigation is finalized, all initial reports are treated as “false.”

“We have had a series of crimes, alleged hate crimes, committed by right wing individuals in the last six months that turned out to be propagated by the left,” he continued. “Let's allow the local authorities to provide their assessment and then the white house will make its comments.”

After he was reminded that the president had commented on the London attacks long before additional information was available, Gorka simply justified the president's move by saying that if an attacker “shouts” something as they are inflicting harm, it's clear who's behind the atrocity.

Hear that, fake attackers? All you have to do is shout something to get the White House to believe you.

“The question of who does it, when people fake hate crimes in the last six months with some regularity, it's wise to find out what's going on before you make statements when they could turn out to be not who you are expecting,” Gorka quickly interjected, interrupting the reporter.

By suggesting that the attack could be a fake incident, Gorka, who has been heavily criticized in the past for his alleged Nazi ties and more than questionable views on foreign policy, simply brought the focus of the attention to his version of the facts, effectively ignoring any of the questions regarding Trump's unwillingness to condemn such a horrific attack. It's something the president also seems good at doing.

Will White House officials and aides continue to ignore these questions, or will they ever leave the “fake news” narrative behind to address actual terrorist incidents happening right under their noses?

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