Wife Carried Husband For Weeks Before Government Gave Him A Wheelchair

It was only when her story went viral online that the Indian government finally granted the man a certificate so he could get a free wheelchair.

Bimla Devi’s husband, a truck driver, had his leg amputated. but because of the couple’s difficult financial situation, they didn’t have access to a wheelchair. 

As a result, the woman carried her spouse on her back for weeks. After her story went viral, she finally got what she needed.

Devi’s husband started suffering after his leg developed clots, which eventually turned gangrenous, forcing doctors to amputate it. But because the government hospital will only provide a person in need with a wheelchair who has an official disability certificate, Devi had to carry her husband every day for weeks on her back to the government health center.

"We went to many different offices but still haven't got the disability certificate," Bimla told reporters.

"We are in deep trouble; our financial condition is very bad. We can't afford a cycle-rickshaw every day," she added.

Once her story hit the internet and her image began being shared widely, Bhupendra Choudhary, a Yogi Adityanath government minister, called the scene “shameful.” Bhupendra then vowed to help the couple.

On April 4, Devi and her husband finally got the certificate.

On Twitter, while many people said they were happy that the couple was granted their certificate, users also complained that the conditions in India aren’t the best for people with disabilities.

Perhaps now that this story has gone viral and more eyes are on India, things will begin to change as pressure may cause the country’s lawmakers to look into better ways of serving those in need.

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