Grandma Always Wanted To Meet Santa, This Year Her Wish Came True

This very cute grandmother posing with Santa shows that dreams do come true, they might take some time, but if you want something dearly, it will happen for sure.

Redittor shawnwasim shared this adorable picture of his grandmother who can barely control her happiness as she meets Santa!

Grandma Meets Santa

Why was she this happy? Because meeting Santa Claus was her childhood dream. And finally her dream came to life when her grandson took her to the Memorial City Mall, Houston to meet Father Christmas. 

The redittor explained that his grandmother was born and raised in Pakistan, and at her time celebrations weren’t all that festive, never the less she used to watch all the Christmas cartoons and movies that have snowfalls and Christmas trees, dreaming that one day she will meet Santa.

“She was born and raised as a kid in the Indian subcontinent which eventually became Pakistan, a predominantly Muslim country. There were Christian families who celebrated Christmas there but it was pretty hidden and not nearly as festive as the ones in Christian-majority countries like the US. She told me she would always watch Christmas cartoons (the one with the mouse who stays up all night for Santa on Christmas eve but falls asleep right before Santa shows up) and movies with the trees and snowfall and dreamed about living it someday :),” he wrote.

A redittor asked about his grandmother’s exact location in Pakistan, because of the way she dressed.

“Where in Pakistan is she from? (I'm asking because the clothes she's wearing look very similar to the clothes my grandmother frequently wears)”

Another one made a guess mentioning three Pakistani cities.

“She's wearing pretty typical clothes for someone living in Pakistan, at least in cities like Karachi/Lahore/Islamabad.”

Correct! Karachi, replied the grandson.

He further commented that Christmas was his favorite holiday, though he wasn’t even Christian. 

People could not help but adore this cute grandmother who looked so happy when she finally met Santa Claus. Many redittors appreciated shawnwasim for his touching gesture.

 “You're good kids!” commented a user.

“To which he responded, Thanks! We try to be”

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