Grandpa Sues 13-Year-Old Grandson For Accidentally Killing Grandma

An Illinois grandfather is now suing his teenage grandson for negligence following a tragic car accident that killed his wife earlier this year.

Family turmoil can break bonds and lead to some of the most unfathomable circumstances.

A Chicago grandfather is suing his teenage grandson for a crash in March that killed his wife, who was also the boy’s grandmother.

The accident occurred when 79-year-old Kuem Soon Cho gave the keys to her Chrysler minivan to her 13-year-old grandson to help her put the vehicle in gear, according to CBS News.

The grandson, who is not legally old enough to operate a vehicle, shifted the van in reverse and accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brake with his foot. Cho was walking up to open the driver’s side door when she was hit by her own van.

She was reportedly taken to a nearby hospital where she was later pronounced dead.

Although her death was ruled an accident, the boy’s grandfather, Paul Sang Cho, has filed a wrongful death suit for an unspecified amount against the teen for negligence.

According to the suit, the boy carelessly failed to keep the vehicle under control, did not give warning, and failed to yield the right of way.

While the events leading to the grandmother’s death are quite sad, the grandfather’s response only creates more tension and suffering for the family.

The boy is probably already experiencing insurmountable guilt as a result of his actions, and having his grandfather take legal action against him only adds to the pain he’s likely feeling.

Both parties in the incident should have done things differently. The boy should have been more careful and alert; however, he really should not have been given the responsibility to operate a motor vehicle in the first place, even just to shift gears.

Had she survived, she might have even been facing charges or some legal consequences for instructing the boy to complete the task.

The family should be rallying together to help the boy understand that he is not to blame for this tragic accident.

He should be feeling love and support to help him cope with the heavy burden that will undoubtedly haunt him throughout his life, but instead, his grandfather is showing bitterness by trying to punish him with a lawsuit.

Sadly, the grandfather’s anger seems to be blinding him from being able to see past his own pain. 

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