School Dance Team, Coach Pose For Provocative Pictures With Police Van

A photo shoot involving student athletes and the police department went really wrong after an Illinois school dance team posed provocatively.

A promotional photo shoot that was described as a “community outreach event” involving student groups and the Granite City Police department went really wrong.

The photo shoot that was supposed to send a positive message out in the community ended up in outraging the community.

Videos and images circulating online showed two to four students of the Granite City High School Dance team striking provocative poses while standing in front of a police SUV. 

In one of the photos, two girls can be seen with their hands on the car and their backs towards the camera as they look over their shoulders. However, what was not proper in the picture was that these girls were wearing really small skirts and the camera had photographed them from a really low angle.

To make matters worse, a woman can be seen standing on top of the vehicle giving a stern pose with her armed crossed as she looked over the girls standing below. That woman was their dance coach.

Another photo showed one of the girls squatting between two of her dance partners as she extends her arms, making it look like she was hugging her teammates.

The Granite City School Superintendent was naturally upset with the suggestive pictures. “It was a promotional shoot that should have been where kids could have a lot of fun along with their coaches, along with the police, without anything inappropriate. Just looks like there were some bad decisions that were made here,” said Jim Greenwald.

“When I saw the photos I was very shocked, very disappointed, very surprised,” he added.  “[I] knew immediately it was very inappropriate and they had crossed the line.”

The superintendent confirmed the woman standing atop the police SUV was their coach but she wasn’t a teacher. She was a part-time school district employee.

“The high school principal and the athletic director met with the coach last night and made clear that this was not appropriate and that they have to think before they act. They represent the school,” Greenwald told the station.

After the pictures were posted on social media, people slammed the girl’s suggestive posing; they also criticized the coach, the police and the photographers who clicked pictures from low angles.

“I’d be pissed if it were one of my girls,” wrote a Facebook user. “Choose another angle!”

“They could have picked a more tasteful angle. But them are the same uniforms gc has had for years . If they are questionable why use them?” one person asked.

“The police should be reprimanded but the coach also deserves to be suspended and whoever approved of the uniforms,” wrote another one.

It is not yet clear if the school plans to take any action against the coach or members of the dance team.

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