Staff Thanks CEO For Raising Min. Wage To $70K By Buying Him This Car

The CEO of financial service Gravity Payments gave his employees a huge wage hike. And his team rewarded him with the gift of his dreams.

Gravity Payments employees celebrated CEO Dan Price’s victory in court against his brother by gifting him with a brand new car.

The staff saved up for months and on Thursday presented their boss with a Tesla, his dream car, according to the post on Facebook.


“A brand new, gorgeous blue #Tesla. Still in shock. How do I even begin to say thank you?” said the grateful CEO in his post.

The Tesla also bore a card with an inscription from the employees:

“Dan, Thank you for always putting the team before yourself. This gift is our way of showing how much your sacrifice means to us.”

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Price and Gravity made news in April of last year when its young CEO announced the decision to raise the minimum wage of its employees to $70,000 a year after a phase-in period. What’s more, Price also said he would make drop his salary of $1.1 million to just $70,000 to help raise the funds for the income hike.

Price told The New York Times shortly after the announcement that he had put his house on listing on Airbnb to make “ends meet” as he got used to his new salary. His house is still listed for a whopping price of $950 per night.

However, a news report by Bloomberg suggested the generous move may be a reaction to a costly lawsuit stemming from his brother, Lucas, who alleged Price paid himself in excess for several years.

Whatever the reason for the raise may be, Price’s employees are nothing but thankful to their CEO, as evidenced by their lavish gift.

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