Greek Orthodox Bishop Violently Dunks Baby In Baptized Water

“Baptism?? More like attempted murder,” said a commentator after a bizarre video of a bishop dunking an infant in the water started making rounds on the internet.



A bishop at a Greek Orthodox Church has drawn widespread criticism after an appalling footage of him vigorously plunging a wailing infant into the water emerged on the social media.

In the clip reportedly filmed at a church in Ayia Napa, Cyprus, the clergyman was seen dunking the naked child by its tiny arms in the baptismal font– used for the Christian religion rite where a person gets immersed in water for the purpose of purification– marking their admission to the Christian Church.

However, in the Greek Orthodox churches the tradition is reportedly performed rather “forcefully,” because it is seen as a solution to the declining birth rate.

But considering how roughly the bishop was handling the infant, there were chances the baby could have incurred serious injuries, which by no means would have contributed in improving the problem.

What’s even more surprising is that when the clergyman was done dunking the child into the basin thrice, he handed him back to his parents who apparently looked unfazed.

But it can be seen in the video, which has been viewed over 14 million times, the girls at the back watching the ordeal recoiled and stepped back, obviously perturbed by the bishop’s brutal motions.

Although the tradition is performed in a similar way elsewhere, the bishop’s approach definitely lacked any sensitivity or care for the child, which is why a lot of people are outraged by his reckless mannerism.

Some of the commentators even suggested the bishop’s actions could have traumatized the infant.





However, there were also commentators who believed the time-honored tradition of baptism wasn’t likely to cause any harm to the child – no matter how violently the clergyman performed the ritual. 




Last year, a video that is bound to give one shudders emerged where a bishop, with a smile on his face, violently dunked the infants in the water to perform the ritual symbolizing the believers’ faith in Jesus Christ.

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