Group Raffling AR-15 Suggests Using Clinton Photo For Target Practice

“The Hillary Clinton Special” includes an AR-15 rifle and a photo of the Democratic presidential candidate that is “very popular” at the shooting range.

A gun rights advocacy group based in Raleigh, North Carolina is raffling off the country’s most controversial firearm, the AR-15 assault rifle, along with ammunition and a photo of Hillary Clinton.

The organization called Grass Roots North Carolina (GRNC) is calling the raffle “The Hillary Clinton Special,” noting that the Democratic presidential candidate’s photo is “very popular at the range.”

Adding insult to injury, the group plans to hold the drawing on Election Day, according to CBS News.

The money will reportedly be used to fund campaigns against Democratic state officials Roy Cooper, Josh Stein, and Deborah Ross.

“We all know that if Hillary Clinton is elected president on November 8, panic buying will ensure that by November 9, there won’t be a gun (or ammunition) available for love nor money,” the group’s website reads.

As with most gun rights groups, GRNC seems to believe that Clinton and the Democratic Party want to take away everybody’s guns and infringe upon their second amendment rights. But, this is simply untrue. 

Liberal politicians are, however, pushing for stronger gun control measures to curb nationwide gun violence.

AR-15 style rifles have been used in approximately 10 mass shootings just in recent years including the Orlando Pulse nightclub massacre, Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting, and the San Bernardino, California shooting.

This group, and others, are ignoring that this gun has repeatedly gotten into the hands of the wrong people.

The fact that they continue to promote civilian use of the weapon indicates that they couldn’t care less about the innocent lives that have been taken and ruined by these firearms.  

Furthermore, this raffle coincides with comments made by Donald Trump who said that if Clinton is elected president, only “the second amendment people” can do something to stop her from appointing liberal Supreme Court Justices.

His remarks insinuated that the only way to stop her is to shoot her.

GRNC seems to be inadvertently encouraging Trump’s tactless “joke” by suggesting the winner of their raffle use the photo of Clinton’s face for target practice.

Needless to say, this is beyond disgusting. Not only is this raffle a slap in the face to victims of mass shootings involving AR-15 rifles, it also promotes the idea of assassination. 

Banner Photo Credit: Flickr user Janice Marie Foote

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