Guards Remove Muslim Woman From Trump Rally For Handing Out Pens

Muslim advocate Rose Hamid is no stranger to getting removed from Trump rallies for her peaceful protests. On Thursday, she was ejected by police for a second time.

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Rose Hamid, a flight attendant from North Carolina, recently attended a Donald Trump campaign rally in her hometown of Charlotte, but got kicked out by his guards. Did she prove her point?

As a peaceful protester against Trump’s anti-Muslim messages, she was handing out pens to Trump supporters which were inscribed with the message “Salam.”

The rose-shaped pens had the Muslim greeting “Salam” written on them, which also means “peace” in Arabic.

She told WBTV News on Thursday, “I just wanted to let people know that Muslims who don’t support Trump can get along with people who do support Trump.”

Hamid further stated, “[The guard] claimed that I had been at several other events and caused disturbances, which is a lie, so that tells me they have a prejudice against Muslims.”

This is not the first time Hamid has been removed from a Trump campaign event for causing a “disturbance,” according to Trump security staff.

This past January, the 56-year-old silently stood up behind Trump during one of his speeches at a rally in South Carolina when he was belaboring his Islamophobic agenda that Syrian refugees were affiliated with Islamic State. Hamid, a registered Democrat, was wearing a t-shirt her son made which read, “Salam, I come in peace.”

Hamid explained to Reuters that she can see both sides of the arguments in support for and against Trump, but for her, Trump’s “hateful rhetoric is just not what America is.”

She said, "I get why he's popular: he's an entertainer, he's engaging. There are certainly aspects that appeal to certain parts of society. He even has valid points in some cases. ... But [Trump's supporters] have to recognize what they're supporting. ... It's not who we are as a country."

Despite Hamid’s efforts to share a peaceful message, her removal from the Charlotte rally premises only drives home Trump’s single-minded viewpoints regarding Muslims, regardless of nationality.

She expressed some level of fear regarding what the future could hold for Muslims like her if Trump is elected to office. She told WBTV, "The fact that he wouldn’t allow me to be there says this is what America is going to be like if he’s president.”

Ironically, the Trump supporters that Hamid encountered at the rally were friendly and receptive to her; it was only Trump’s security guards who expressed hostility. One attendee told WBTV, “I thought [her gesture] was sweet. I loved the little saying on it.” 

Surely Hamid's peaceful gesture did not go unnoticed by Trump supporters, but for her to be ejected from the rally seems extremely unnecessary.

Photo credit: Reuters

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