National Guardsman Says Migrants Are 'Lucky We Aren't Executing Them'

An Oregon National Guardsman made threatening remarks about immigrants on a Facebook fundraiser aiming to help these individuals reunite with their families.

The news regarding the countless migrant families being separated at the border inspired thousands of Facebook users to donate to the Texas-based Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services. But one critical comment on their page is what's grabbing everyone’s attention.

The organization’s “Reunite an immigrant parent with their child” online fundraiser went live on June 16. Since then, they have received more than $20 million in donations.

The nonprofit’s goal is to offer legal services and aid to the thousands of children and families being torn apart, making their Facebook page a space where opponents of President Donald Trump’s policies come together to talk about ways they can help the victims. Unfortunately, not all Facebook users who interact on the page are supporters of the cause.

A comment made by Gerod Martin, a user from Salem, Oregon, shocked the page’s fans by calling the effort a “waste of money.”

“They’re lucky we aren’t executing them,” he added.

When questioned about his hateful comment and the fact that his profile contained images of him in military uniform, he said that he was “just a young buck serving his country.”

Later, the Oregon National Guard confirmed Martin is a private first class and that he would face punishment for the public comments he made against immigrants. They did not specify what the punishment would be.

Maj. Stephen Bomar told reporters that his conduct was reprehensible.

‘‘That was just a horrific comment,’’ he said. ‘‘I think we all saw what it was, even if he is not showing military uniform that is just a horrific comment.’’

He also said that people who are trusted with securing the country should never make such comments in public.

‘‘You can’t endorse any sort of political action while in uniform,’’ Bomar explained. ‘‘You always have to think before you post. Sometimes you can get caught up in the moment, but it’s not an excuse.’’

This isn’t the first time in recent weeks that an individual employed by an agency or organization associated with the state of Oregon made threatening comments regarding immigrants.

The state’s Department of Transportation has also been under scrutiny following an employee’s Facebook comment that called for immigrants to be shot.

After her comment went viral, the employee was placed on leave as her superiors investigate.

It’s terrifying to think that men and women serving Americans on a daily basis and being paid by the U.S. taxpayer would have such hateful sentiments toward immigrants, especially since we know that America is a country that was built on the backs of individuals who were not originally from here. The U.S. is a true “melting pot” of cultures and backgrounds that make the country what it is.

Being hateful toward any immigrant is being hateful toward your country’s own history.


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