School Sparks Fury With Converting To Islam Homework Assignment

A British school causes outrage with its unconventional new method to judge children’s knowledge about different religions, including Islam.

A homework assignment given to school children on the island of Guernsey asks eighth-graders to write a letter to their parents informing them of their intent to become a Muslim.

The controversial assignment created by religious education teacher Amber Stables at Les Beaucamp High School asked 12- and 13-year-old kids to “Include: How you’re feeling, how becoming a Muslim has changed your life, how much you love your family and hope they can accept your choice.”

The text also added a stipulation saying the kids were not actually converting to Islam and it was purely to test their knowledge about different religion.

The homework that was created to understand how much a student objectively perceives other religions resulted in a not-unexpected backlash.

Not many parents found this type of homework appropriate for kids — both because many families have strong religious beliefs of their own and those who deem it “dangerous” especially at a time when youngsters across the world are threatened by radicalization.

Others were not so concerned. A commenter, Vivica, wrote: "Does this really matter? It's a thought experiment... If you're worried about your kid being influenced by it, maybe you just need to do a better job as a parent!"

Although people have diverging views on the subject, it was still a very unwise decision of the school to give such an fraught assignment to its students, at a critical time when Islam is only being portrayed as a violent, blood-thirsty religion.

The uproar came in the heels of the mayor of Guernsey announcing the dependency was too “Islamophobic” to allow asylum seekers to live in peace and so, will not be allowing refugees in the city.

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