Thank Trump And Cruz: Gun Sales Skyrocket In 2016

A top firearm manufacturer in the U.S., Sturm Ruger, shared in a new report that its' gun sales for the first quarter were already up 26 percent from last year.

This year, the company, based in New Hampshire, Arizona , and North Carolina with over 2,000 employees, has reached sales grossing $173.1 million. In last year’s first quarter, Sturm Ruger made $137 million.

Guns Furthermore, the report predicts that this year will be among the highest selling for firearms for the company since it was founded in Newport, New Hampshire in 1949.

The Guardian noted that at a shareholding meeting, executives dismissed potentially bad PR by saying that “we are good citizens.”

Michael Fifer, CEO of Sturm Ruger, explained that the company is a good example of what an American company should represent, perhaps in light of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s promise to change the current lax gun manufacturing and gun seller laws.

He said, “We make products in American factories. We pour metal. We cut wood. We assemble guns. We are basically an industrial manufacturer of great consumer products. We take pride in being an American manufacturer.”

He continued on to say, “We pay our taxes and we keep our cash in the United States. There are no tax inversions or offshoring for us. We are good citizens. We understand that manufacturing – the conversion of raw materials into something useful – is a core foundation of any successful economy, including ours.” Fifer also noted that recent political rhetoric may be the cause of increased firearm purchases, particularly pointing to the last ten years of the company's growth.

While these values are all fine and dandy for the American economy, another aspect which was discussed at the shareholding meeting revealed a potentially dark underbelly.

The executives at Sturm Ruger think that with the right wing slant of the 2016 election, gun sales will continue to boom despite the unnecessary accidents, violence, and deaths they produce.

They noted that over the past decade, there has been an increase in Americans preferring to purchase guns for self-defense and collecting firearms at a younger age.

Banner Image Credit: Reuters
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