Bride Takes Gun Out Of Wedding Dress, Shoots The Groom

A Tennessee bride got in an argument with her new husband, before she allegedly pulled out a gun from beneath her wedding dress.

Kate Elizabeth Prichard, 25, and her new husband James Jarid Burton, 30, got into an argument just after they tied the knot.

Moments after reading her wedding vows, Prichard allegedly pulled out a 9mm handgun from her wedding gown and pointed it at Burton’s head. She pulled the trigger but thankfully the gun wasn’t loaded. She loaded the gun again and fired it into the air, causing the guests to panic.

According to police, the new bride was celebrating her marriage at a Clarion Inn motel when she had an argument with her husband. They mentioned the couple was very uncooperative. The newlyweds denied doing anything wrong, but witnesses tell a story.

Witnesses told the police the couple was drinking and arguing when their feud escalated and they came outside the motel.

“She pulled out of her wedding dress a 9 mm pistol. Pointed it at her new husband’s head and pulled the trigger,” Murfreesboro Police Sgt. Kyle Evans told WTVF.

Prichard tried to hide the gun in the motel’s bathroom after police arrived. But that didn’t help.

Last month, Prichard posted about her new tattoo on Facebook. The tattoo was dedicated to Burton, saying that she was “property of J-Rod” her then-fiance's nickname, according to The Smoking Gun.

Prichard was arrested while she was in her wedding gown. She was charged with aggravated domestic assault.

“Responding officers let the husband know the honeymoon was over and his new wife was going to jail,” Murfreesboro police sergeant Kyle Evans told News Channel 5

She was later released from Rutherford County jail after posting the $15,000 bond.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters, Eduardo Monuz

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