Guns N’ Roses Fans Beat The Stuffing Out Of A ‘Yuge’ Trump Piñata

A riled-up Guns N’ Roses crowd cheered as an enormous Donald Trump piñata was beaten to a pulp by the band's fans on stage in Mexico City.

At a Guns N’ Roses concert in Mexico City on Wednesday, the band stopped playing for a few moments and brought out a giant piñata depicting none other than President-elect Donald Trump, The Independent reported.

In the YouTube video published by TMZ, security can be seen helping members of the crowd onto the stage and passing sticks to them in order to knock the stuffed doll around.

“Let’s bring in some people, and give them a f***ing stick,” singer Axl Rose said to the audience. “I want you to express yourselves, however you feel.”

Apparently, the audience felt pretty angry at the president-elect, who during his presidential campaign referred to Mexican immigrants living in the United States as rapists and murderers.

The Trump effigy was demolished in under a minute as fans cheered while the stuffing was beaten out of the dummy with sticks. As it turned out, the Trump piñata was filled with rolled up T-shirts that were given to audience members in the front rows of the concert.

Clearly, not everyone is thrilled that Trump will take the oath of presidential office in January.

Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @TheAVClub

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