Gym Instructor Fatally Shoots Colleagues After Being Fired

A fitness instructor shot and killed two of his co-workers before taking his own life after he had been terminated for another violent incident.

A Florida gym employee completely lost it after being fired from Equinox fitness club in Coral Gables over the weekend.

Abeku Wilson, 33, was terminated on Saturday and returned to his former place of employment later that same day with a handgun. He opened fire, killing two managers before turning the gun on himself and taking his own life, The Root reports.

Ironically, Wilson was initially let go from his position at the gym for “workplace violence,” however, the details of the incident that led to his termination have not been revealed.

After being fired, Wilson left and returned with his gun, which he used to fatally shoot General Manager Janine Ackerman, 35, and Fitness Manager Marios Hortis, 42.

While Wilson died on the scene, Ackerman and Hortis were both rushed to the hospital in critical condition but were each later pronounced dead.

Client Eveliny Bastos-Klein, who had just finished a training session with Wilson before the chaos ensued, said that she “didn’t notice anything amiss” and had scheduled another workout with him for Wednesday.

“There is nothing I can say to lessen the searing pain we all feel at this terrible moment,” said Harvey Spevak, chief executive officer of the Equinox gym chain, in a Facebook post.

Although this was certainly not a random act of violence, it seems there must have been something troubling Wilson on a deeper level that his co-workers and clients didn't recognize.

By the fact that he was terminated for violence, it's clear he had been lashing out before this shooting rampage. While his actions are devastating and inexcusable, we can't help but wonder if his behaviors leading up to the shooting were cries for help that were inadvertently ignored.   

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