Fox News' Most Popular Anchors Embroiled In Public Feud

It appears Donald Trump has driven a wedge between Fox News’ two most popular and best-paid talk show hosts.

Sean Hannity is furious because his colleague, Megyn Kelly, just made a very apt observation: Donald Trump only likes to be interviewed by Hannity on Fox News.

It isn’t technically false.

While the Republican presidential nominee has also appeared on other Fox News shows such as "The O’Reilly Factor," he has refrained from coming on "The Kelly File" — especially after the infamous spat with its host.

Although their feud came to a close, the media mogul, for some reason, still doesn’t come on Kelly’s show and she recently pointed out this fact.

“Donald Trump, with all due respect to my friend at 10 o’clock, will go on Hannity and pretty much only Hannity and will not venture out to the unsafe spaces these days, which doesn’t exactly expand the tent for either one of them. There. That’s my two cents.”


Of course, Hannity wasn’t happy with her remarks.

He shot back with a tweet, accusing her of going soft on Trump’s Democratic rival Hillary Clinton:



But Hannity’s wrong, actually.

Nearly a week ago, Kelly eviscerated Clinton for spending a half-hour on a softball interview with singer Mary J. Blige while avoiding to come on her program that, contrary to Blige’s show, airs on the United States’ most-watched cable news network.


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