Hannity Thinks Mueller's Russia Probe Could Launch A 'Civil War'

The conservative talking head walked back his hyperbolic words later in his segment, but it's clear that Hannity's rage is misplaced and based on conspiracies.

Fox News host Sean Hannity sits on the desk in his studio.Conservative media host Sean Hannity said he believes that Americans could be heading toward a civil war — well, sort of — if special counsel Robert Mueller continues his investigation into the White House's campaign activities.

Mueller’s investigation, initially headed by former FBI director James Comey (before he was fired by President Donald Trump in May 2017), started out by addressing Russian interference in our nation’s elections in 2016. But as the probe continued, more evidence came to light that suggested wrongdoing by the Trump campaign, his transition team, and eventually members of his executive branch.

Hannity has been a vehement opponent of Mueller’s investigation, peddling “deep state” conspiracy theories and suggesting that the former FBI director (appointed under another Republican president) is somehow a Democratic operative.

In one of his more recent rants from his Monday radio program, Hannity went on a tirade against the special counsel, using inflammatory rhetoric suggesting that Mueller’s ambitions to complete the investigation could create huge divisions within the nation:

"This country is headed towards a civil war in terms of two sides that are just hating each other and if Robert Mueller wants, there’s a big red button in the middle of the table. And if Robert Mueller is so pompous and so arrogant and so power hungry and so corrupt that he’s going to hit the red button and he’s going to ignite a battle that we’ve not seen in this country before."

Hannity tried to clarify, however, that he wasn’t talking about a real war.

“I’m not talking about a war, I’m talking about, in terms of, there’s going to be two sides of this that are fighting and dividing this country at a level we’ve never seen,” he said. “And you’re going to basically have two sides in America, those that stand for truth and those that literally buy into the corrupt deep state attacks against a duly elected president and that’s what it’s going to be.”

Political divisions have existed in the U.S. long before Mueller took over the Russia probe. Hannity himself stoked aggressive lines of attack against former President Barack Obama, sometimes doing so over trivial incidents, like putting the wrong type of mustard on a burger.

So, it’s a little difficult to ascertain when we can take Hannity seriously or not — his fits of rage seem to flare up whenever they seem convenient to fit his narrative. But his rants against Mueller appear to be another instance of where his anger is seemingly misplaced.

While the nation is divided politically on numerous issues, a majority of Americans (nearly three out of every five) have trust in Mueller’s investigation. The same cannot be said for the president: The same number have little or no trust in Trump.

Hannity needs a hard dose of reality. There’s plenty of political division already happening in the U.S., but most of it is unrelated to Mueller’s investigation. Most Americans, in fact, are supportive of his efforts, and back Congressional efforts to protect him from being fired by the president.

The major cause of rifts in our nation? Those can likely be attributed to commentators like Hannity himself, who engage in hyperbolic attacks at every angle they can imagine. 

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