Anti-Fascist Protesters Indict Fox News In 100 Hour-Long Demonstration

On Tuesday, anti-fascist protesters began a 100 hour-long protest, indicting Fox News for serving as a "bullhorn" for the Trump administration's "war on truth."

Through the bad and the worse, Fox News has been the President Donald Trump administration's greatest advocate, spinning his lies into liberal bias and his controversies into mere misunderstandings.

In the eyes of some, Fox News is as responsible for the current state of America as the administration it supports.

In protest, anti-fascist group Resist Facism has organized a 100 hour-long demonstration in front of the News Corp headquarters in New York City, indicting Fox News, President Donald Trump, and Vice President Mike Pence.

"This regime has launched a war on truth — and Fox is its biggest bullhorn," the organizers wrote in a press advisory.

The protest began on Tuesday and NBC New York reports that the demonstration will peak with a march on Saturday at 4 p.m. at Manhattan's Trump Tower and in other cities. The organizers and participants seek to call attention to the Trump administration's lies and potential crimes, rallying against domestic issues like mass incarceration, women's rights, Islamophobia, and racism, as well as the White House's messy foreign policies.

In a press release, protesters demanded the removal of Trump and Pence from power and for people to fight for a truly democratic America. Furthermore, they are turning the spotlight on conservative media, particularly mega news organization Fox News for agenda-driven reporting.

Sunsara Taylor, a spokesperson for Resist Facism, told reporters that the conservative news network is promoting fascism. Another protester shouted out, "Fox News, this is what you call lies incorporated.”

Fox News and the Trump administration have been relentless about calling out left-wing media for its bias, calling it "fake news" and promoting a borderline threatening environment for journalists who don't cover issues in a conservative framework. However, in doing so they also promote their own biases as truth while pretending to be the last remaining vestige of "real reporting."

Hypocrisy is certainly rampant on all sides, but it is currently more threatening coming from the right given that is where the political power predominately lies. Fox News' irresponsible journalism isn't just unprofessional, it's profoundly dangerous.

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