UAE Nursery Wants To Hire European Teacher With White Skin

The principal said parents of many students often inquire about the nationality of their teachers and they wished to appoint a “white teacher” just to “make a change.”

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A British nursery that has branches in six different locations in the United Arab Emirates is being criticized after it posted a racist advertisement.

Happy Jump Nurseries posted an advertisement on Facebook that they were looking for an English teacher who is of “European origin” and has “white skin.”

After widespread backlash, the racist ad was removed from the nursery’s Facebook page. Despite garnering widespread criticism from across the board, authorities of the nursery defended their action.

Principal at Happy Jump Nursery in Al Ain, Meera Aqwala, said she failed to comprehend why the ad got criticized and said since majority of the nursery’s staff is black; the ad was posted in order to achieve diversity.

“We have many branches and there are maybe three [white people] in all of the branches. So we need only to put some white people in. They are very good, our black staff, and we will still hire them. But we need at least one white person,” said Aqwala.

She added that parents of many students inquire about the nationality of their teachers and they wished to appoint a “white teacher” just to “make a change.”

Her statement was ironic to say the least. The action was criticized by people on social media.

“This school principal really needs to not be so 'black and white' in talking about hiring diversity” said a Twitter user.

A law introduced in 2015 criminalized all forms of discrimination whether it was on the bases of religion, cast, creed, doctrine, race or color. The law introduced to create a tolerant environment and to introduce the concept of acceptance and broad mindedness.

According to the state news agency Wam, “Strict action will be taken against any form of expressions of hatred or incitement to hate crimes spread in the form of speech and published media.”

However, the law doesn’t extend to job requirements.

Racism is not just restricted to the United States. The epidemic of discriminating people of color is global. There have been several incidents where children in the Arab region have mocked in school for being black.

Moreover, black people have been treated inhumanely by the Arabs, who treat them like slaves. In June, two Kenyan women were beaten up in Beirut by a Lebanese official after they questioned him for almost hitting them with his vehicle.  

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