Tourists Kill Shark In An Attempt To Get Selfies

Vacationers drag a shark from its habitat in a shocking act of animal cruelty - all in pursuit of a photograph.

Dominican Republic lifeguards and tourists dragged a small shark out of the water, killing it, just for the sake of taking a photo with it.

The video which captures a scene at the beach at Punta Cana, shows a group of men, including lifeguards from the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, run into the water with ropes and a net to capture a blue shark. They then tie it around the helpless fish, which desperately thrashes around to escape.

Heedless, the men brutally drag it to the shore, place a life buoy in its mouth and prod it with a wooden plank.

Photos posted on social media feature the pitiless men in various poses besides the now-dead shark, two of who are lifeguards. Another image also shows a bunch of small kids happily getting their picture taken with the shark as well.

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Twitter users condemned the hotel group and expressed their disgust at the employees’ action.





A Hard Rock Hotel spokesperson, Stacey Sorino, said the lifeguards involved in the incident will be subjected to “corrective measure.”

“That is absolutely against our standards of protecting animals as we protect our guests,” Sorino said.

This incident is not the first, and probably won’t be the last, in the inhumane trend of people treating hapless animals as props for snaps.

A very similar incident occurred in Argentina, when a mob ripped two dolphins from the ocean for a selfie.

A female tourist killed a swan after dragging the bird on the shore of Lake Ohrid in Macedonia, then letting it die after she had her photo taken with it.

Animal activists have slammed the selfie-culture that enables people to forcefully take out animals from their natural habitat and have warned that it’s not just dangerous for animals, but for humans as well.

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Reuters, Hugh Gentry 

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