Harry Reid: Trump Is A 'Human Leech That Will Bleed The Country'

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid warned the nation of the dangers of a Donald Trump presidency while speaking on the Senate floor on Thursday morning.

Harry Reid, who is in his final year as Senate Democratic Leader before retiring, has been known to challenge GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump. On Thursday, Reid unleashed a scathing critique of Trump's conflicting business interests, CNN reported.

He referenced Newsweek’s cover story which shed light on The Trump Organization and its international economic footprint. He remarked that Trump would likely turn “America into a big scam just like Trump University,” his fraudulent institution that is still in the midst of lawsuits.

Notably, Reid said, “Trump is a human leech who will bleed the country and sit at his golf resort laughing at the money he has made, even though working people have been hurt and ruined. Trump doesn’t understand the middle class. How could he? How could he understand working people, because he’s only out for Donald Trump.”

The Senate Minority Leader did not mince words when discussing the divisive political figure. “He is a spoiled brat, raised in plenty, who inherited a fortune and used his money to make more money. He did a lot of it by swindling working men and women,” he said. “Why would he change as president? The answer is simple. Trump won’t change. He is asking us to let him get rich scamming America.”

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