Hawaii House Republican Leader Ousted For Opposing Trump

A Hawaii house Republican leader got into trouble with her colleagues after she participated in the Women’s March against Donald Trump.

A member of the Hawaii House of Representatives, Beth Fukumoto, is considering switching from Republican to the Democratic Party, as she is being voted out by her colleagues as their minority leader.

Soon after President Donald Trump’s inauguration, Fukumoto joined thousands of people in the Women’s March taking place across the U.S. to protest his policies and presidency.

“It doesn't matter to me who you voted for. People cast their votes for a lot of different reasons. But, no matter who your choice was, the fact remains the same. A man won the White House with anger and hate, and our kids watched it happen. Now, it's our jobs to make sure they watch us fight back,” she said at the event during a speech.

She then received extreme backlash and negative comments from other Republican members, who asked her to not disagree with the president.

"They told me they would keep me in this position if I would commit to not disagreeing with our president for the remainder of his term. Mr. Speaker, I'm being removed because I refused to make that commitment, because I believe it's our job as Americans and as leaders in this body to criticize power when power is wrong,” the woman said while talking to her peers.

Fukumoto recalled that event last year, she had been insulted and booed at her party’s convention when she refused to endorse Trump’s candidacy. She believes him to be racist and sexist and therefore declined to support him.

Cynthia Thielen is the only Republican who has voted in favor of keeping Fukumoto in her position. "God I am sorry to lose our minority leader, someone I so deeply, deeply respect — the face of Republicanism as it should be, but it won't be any more,” she said on the House floor.

“Everyone deserves respect. That should be a nonpartisan message,” wrote the Republican on her Facebook page.

People on the social media site are praising Fukumoto for her courage to stand up against Trump and her party.

“Thank you, Representative Fukumoto. It is so incredibly refreshing to find someone willing to stand up to their party in order to fully represent their constituents and country. Thank you,” one person commented on the post.

“A very true thank you for standing up for democracy! We need so many more people in politics like you who stand true to their ideals ...to stand up for many of the people of this country who do not want to live in Donald Trump world,” wrote another.

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