Mom Alleges School Kicked Her Son Out Because Of His Disability

"They said they are a charter school and they don't have the resources like a normal (district) school. I left with a crying six-year-old.”

A mother in Glendale, Arizona, claims a charter school said they can’t handle her son and kicked him out because of his disability.

Haylee Barthol accused the Glendale charter school of kicking out her 6-year-old son who has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and is a student of Heritage Elementary.

She said in a complaint to the state Charter Board that she was forced by the school authorities to withdraw her son because the school said it “didn't have the resources for his issues.”

Barthol further said the Principal Justin Dye gave her two options. The first was to withdraw her son from the school and the second was to volunteer to come to the school every day in order to help supervise her son.

The mother said her son’s teacher also made similar comments and said that “as a charter school, they do not have the time or resources for a child” with such disabilities.

"They said they are a charter school and they don't have the resources like a normal (district) school. I left with a crying six-year-old,” the mother added.

Barthol is a staff sergeant in the U.S. Air Force which means she works full-time. She said even if she wanted to, she can’t accompany her son to the school because of job commitments.

The mother is now looking for a new school for her child.

However, the school denied the claim and said Barthol removed her child on her own.

“We wanted the student to stay, and wanted the parent to help out. There were other issues going on. We were trying to work with the parent to come up with a solution,” said Heritage Superintendent Jackie Trujillo.

The charter board, however, said the accusations made by Barthol were troubling and they will investigate the incident.

Charter school are state funded, therefore, they are required to have all students, including the ones with disabilities. On the other hand, charter schools claim they don’t receive all the funding they are bound to get.

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