Hazing Incident Caught On Video Leads To $12 Million Lawsuit

An Alabama teen who was injured in a vicious beating by his football teammates is now suing after his experience proved serious and traumatizing.

A hazing incident in Mobile, Alabama, has resulted in a $12 million lawsuit after a high school quarterback was injured.

The victim’s family is also trying to ban hazing in public high schools across the country.

Fox10 reported that freshman quarterback Rodney Kim Jr., 14, was the victim of a beating involving multiple other Davidson High School players in the school’s locker room. The video of the assault showed Kim on the floor while players kicked him.

After the horrific incident, the teen was taken to the hospital for treatment of a broken arm, busted lip, and other bruises.

“There's some hatred in there, I mean they beat him, they maliciously beat him. I mean, it's just uncalled for... I mean you never envision your child, being so helpless, and you can't do anything,” Rodney Kim Sr. told reporters.

Twenty players took part in the incident, the lawsuit states.

Mary Kim, the victim’s mom, said that the teen suffered such a traumatizing incident that he is now having a hard time coping. Now, the kid’s parents want school administrators to pay.

During a news conference, the family attorney, Charles Bonner, said that the act of violence has ruined the teen’s future.

"They've taken from him his dream, how much is a dream worth? They've taken from him his dream of being a football player. He was a star football player... So $12 million, why $12 million? Because it's not enough for what they've left this boy with, he is damaged for life," he said. "It's not the kids who beat him, who savagely attacked him, that are responsible. We expect kids to be kids. We don't expect adults to whom we entrust the lives and the safety of our children to turn a deaf ear and a blind eye and say nothing about this kind of violence."

While four players have already been suspended, Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich said she wants to prosecute others as well.

"This is really, really, really bad behavior. The message needs to be sent to any young person who thinks this is funny or cute that it's not. It's a crime and the individuals that were doing this are going to be held accountable for their actions," she said.

FOX10 said that since this incident was reported, at least six school employees and 10 parents told them about other hazing incidents at the same school.

It’s saddening to learn that a student would be treated in such way while under the watch of public school teachers and coaches. On top of it all, others have been victimized in the same way, yet nothing was done to prevent another incident. Hopefully, this lawsuit will help to change this situation by raising awareness to the dangers of hazing. 

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