Nigerian Healer Dies While Testing 'Bullet-Proof' Charm

In Nigeria, traditional healers are contacted for various ailments and “bullet-proof” charms also remain popular in the country.


A self-styled healer died after he urged one of his customers to test his “bullet proof” charm in Imo, Nigeria.

Chinaka Adoezuwe, 26, was shot dead after he reportedly wore the charm around his neck and told his client to test it by shooting a bullet. However, the move ended up being fatal.

The customer, Chukwudi Ijezie, was then arrested by police authorities on the suspicion of murder.

According to a witness, the man had gone to Adoezuwe and asked him prepare a bullet proof charm. The healer did as he was asked and after completion asked the customer to check efficiency of the charm.

Adoezuwe then handed his client a gun and told him to shoot. The customer abided the bullet proof charm did not succeed in saving the healer from the fatal shot.

“The suspect is in our custody. It is a case of murder. The Isiala Mbano division of the Command has moved in, arrested the suspect and returned normalcy to the area. The case will be transferred to the State Criminal and Investigation Department in Owerri for thorough investigation,” said Police Public Relations Officer Andrew Enwerem.

In Nigeria, traditional healers are contacted for various ailments and charms are also popular in the country. A majority of these self-styled doctors claim that these charms have the power to tackle and cure illnesses.

However, these types of fatal incidents at the hands of traditional healers in the country are also common.

A similar incident took place in Jan. 2018 in the country’s Katsina State when a 27-year-old Aliyu Yahuza died after drinking a “bullet-repelling” liquid and was later instructed by the healer to be shot in order to test the potion’s efficiency.

Yahuza was then shot by a Dane gun, however, the drink failed in saving him and he died. The healer was then arrested by police and was charged with criminal conspiracy and culpable homicide.

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