Heather Heyer Gets Street Named After Her In Charlottesville

The people of Charlottesville, Virginia, have decided to name a street for Heather Heyer, who was killed during protests against white supremacists over the summer.

A street in Charlottesville, Virginia, is being renamed to honor a young woman who was killed in the city during violent white nationalist protests earlier this year.

Heather Heyer was mowed down by a vehicle driven by a man with neo-Nazi ideals in August. Several injuries resulted in the purposeful collision, but Heyer herself died from the crash. She was 32 years old.

The city has decided to name a street in her honor, Heather Heyer Way.

“The terror attack that resulted in Ms. Heyer’s death and serious injuries to dozens more shocked our community and touched the heart and soul of not only Charlottesville, but the entire country,” Mayor Michael Signer said at a dedication ceremony. “This honorary designation pays tribute to Ms. Heyer’s dedication to justice, fairness, equal rights for all and positive social change.”

Alt-right leaders were in Charlottes over the summer to voice their opposition to the removal of Confederate statues. The violence that erupted during the protests caused many to speak out against a growing white supremacist movement in the nation — but not President Donald Trump. He instead took great pains to insist that there were bad people “on both sides,” and further elaborated that the group of white nationalists included some “very fine people.”

But those “fine people” are not being recognized by the city of Charlottesville. Rather, a woman who stood up to them and their brand of bigotry, whose life was prematurely ended due to their actions, is receiving commendation from the city for her efforts.

Naming a street after her is one way we can honor Heyer’s memory — but another, more worthwhile way to continue her legacy is by pressing on her message of tolerance and love, and to reject those who would otherwise push for the opposite in this nation.

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