Heckler Calls Donald Trump ‘Putin’s B***h’

As security removed the heckler from the audience, Trump kept saying “goodbye,” before exclaiming, “Where the hell did he come from?”

Donald Trump, like all other politicians at rallies, is used to protesters — more than that, he can be quite ruthless in dealing with them. While speaking to a crowd in Kissimmee, Florida, the Republican nominee came across yet another heckler who managed to disrupt the rally for a few moments.

In fact, his taunts prompted the Republican presidential nominee to pause his speech, quite visibly disgruntled.

“You love Russia. You’re Putin’s b*tch,” the man reportedly shouted.  

Trump’s supporters, of course, booed in response to the interruption, and the billionaire himself replied by saying "goodbye” at least five times, before exclaiming, “Where the hell did he come from?”

The incident comes weeks after Trump publicly suggested Russian hackers should go after rival Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. The remark fueled a long-standing conspiracy theory that the real-estate mogul’s wonn’t release his tax returns because they would reveal his ties with Russia.

And the fact that he invited foreign hackers to attack an American citizen and politician also set off a scorching round of criticism from senior intelligence officials, one of who, Michael Morell, even said Trump was acting like an “unwitting agent” for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters

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