LA Lawyer Who Proudly Wears KKK Hood Now Threatening Lynchings

Wayne Spindler escaped jail time for posting bail for his discriminatory remarks towards Herb Wesson.

Imagine waking up in the morning and feeling unsafe to perform your duties at work due to constant discrimination towards the color of your skin from another human being.

For African-American Los Angeles Council President, Herb Wesson, he is accustomed to this feeling on a regular basis.

Wayne Spindler, a Los Angeles lawyer, was arrested today for filling out a comment card with racist drawings during a city council meeting, according to Raw Story.

Spindler has been seen repeatedly wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood with a swastika, yet he insists he is not a KKK member. 

Wayne Spindler wearing KKK hood at council meeting

The drawings were written in blue ink and showed a black man being lynched on a tree, a cross with flames and a KKK member holding a noose in one hand and a sign in the other reading, "Herb=n***er."

“Criticism comes with the job, but the harassing and threatening comments made by Mr. Spindler have become increasingly worse overtime,” Wesson told the Los Angeles Sentinel.

Spindler asserts the graphic does not relate to Wesson (although his first name is clearly written on the page) and instead symbolic. 

"The cross burning is the city burning down from corruption, the hood is city hall coming after us for our money and the tree is me and everybody getting lynched as taxpayers," Spindler said.

And in regards to the racial slur? Just to help better advocate his message.

“They don't listen to us. The only way they listen to us is if we're emphatic,” Spindler retorted. 

During past council meetings, Spindler would curse aloud around kids attending the meetings.

He would also promote rape culture during a discussion about Denim Day to fight rape.

Under the speaker name on the council’s public speaker card, Spindler wrote his name as “Wayne from Encino.”

Spindler will appear in court for criminal charges on June 10, but in the meantime, he is free from jail time, as he posted $75,000 in bail.

One would think that by having our first African-American president in the United States for two terms and a woman as a potential candidate for U.S. president, we have moved somewhat past discrimination, but reality sets in that there are, unfortunately, still hate-speech from racists in our country.  

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: REUTERS/Molly Riley

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