These Are The CEOs That Support Trump

You may be surprised to learn that some well-known brands promote Trump’s right-wing nationalist, racist politics. We’ve compiled a starter list.

Donald Trump’s regressive ideas have infiltrated the public, seeping into the consciousness of the everyday American as he gains more national support. But, it’s not just the poor and uneducated that support Trump, as we all know.

Donald trump

Some major business leaders and CEOs are beginning to reveal their true colors, as they have announced their solidarity with Trump for president. By doing so, they are encouraging all the right-wing, hyper-nationalist rhetoric which Trump promotes day after day.

Here are a few major corporations which support Trump’s brand of neo-fascist bullying:


1. Home Depot

Earlier this month, Bernie Marcus, co-founder of Home Depot, penned a love letter to the Trump camp titled “Why I Stand With Donald Trump.”

From the get-go, Marcus derides the Obama presidency, claims Hillary Clinton would just do more of the same as Obama if president, and claims to “know” Trump personally, but not all that well.

The company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, so it may not be all that astonishing that a corporation with Southern roots would support a white nationalist candidate. Also, Marcus has been known to say that he doesn’t support increasing the minimum wage, which is pretty appalling in itself.

Bottom line: We’ll be shopping at Lowe’s.



NASCAR, also based in Georgia like Home Depot, is another corporation that may not surprise you all that much that its CEO and some top drivers including Chase Elliott, Ryan Newman, and David Lee Regan all endorse a Trump presidency.

On the Trump campaign website, Brian France, CEO of NASCAR, stated, “Mr. Trump is changing American politics forever and his leadership and strength are desperately needed.  He has had an incredible career and achieved tremendous success. This is what we need for our country.” 

These remarks are so tone-deaf and vague, it doesn’t seem like France has any clue about American politics or what this country really needs.

Bottom line: Consider NASCAR boycotted.


3. Virgin America

The fact that Virgin America’s CEO David Cush stands with Trump is a little more shocking, considering that he is surrounded by a #NeverTrump ring of solidarity in the Silicon Valley what with CEOs of Google, Amazon, and Facebook against the candidate.

Cush aloofly stated that Trump would be “entertaining” as a president and would offer a “new mindset” to give the nation a different direction.

Bottom line: Sounds like Cush is keeping his hands in his deep pockets for now.


4. Marvel

President of Marvel Entertainment Isaac Perlmutter donated $1 million to support veterans for Trump.

A spokesperson for Perlmutter, who ranks 145 on Forbes list of the wealthiest in the world, said he and his wife “are thrilled to support their friend Donald Trump.”

Perlmutter’s endorsement of Trump indicates conflicting interests within the culture coming out of Marvel.

Marvel recently brought in writer Ta-Nehisi Coates, an endorser of Bernie Sanders, to write the character Black Panther.

Also, one of its best-selling comic books, Ms. Marvel, is about the daughter of Pakistani immigrants living in Jersey City – which ironically is where Trump said the community applauded 9/11.

Bottom line: Will Ms. Marvel be able to keep her family from being deported when Trump becomes president?


After reading this, take a stand against these corporations who promote Trump by boycotting them and spread the word against Trump.

Photo Credit: Reuters

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