This Secondhand Handbag Costs More Than A House

A rare Hermes bag, known as the Himalaya Birkin, broke the record for the world’s most expensive handbag ever sold at an auction by fetching $380,000.


British auction house Christie's reportedly sold one of the most expensive and sought-after secondhand Hermes bags to a buyer in Hong Kong.

As absurd as it may seem, the Hermes bag broke the record for the world’s most expensive handbag ever sold at an auction, fetching $380,000 — which is several times the amount an average person working in the United States makes annually.

The rare handbag, which was made in 2008, is from Hermes' iconic "Birkin" series named after English-French actress and singer Jane Birkin.

The costly bag, known as the Himalaya Birkin, was sold last year to an unknown phone bidder at a Christie’s auction.

"It was the world record price for any handbag sold at auction," said Bingle Lee, a spokesperson for Christie's.

Detailed with 18-carat white gold as well as diamonds, the bag is definitely a collector’s item. However, this particular piece appears even more famous because of the material used in its crafting: the Nilo crocodile hide, described by the London-based auctioneers as the "rarest, most sought-after."

The skin came from albino crocodiles that endured the horrors of skinning process. These crocodiles are explicitly bred for the high-end French brand — highlighting animal cruelty in fashion industry.

Though more animal rights organizations have started fighting for their legal rights, interest in animal skin accessories has grown rapidly over the years.

The idea of spending such a ridiculous sum of money on a secondhand bag may seem silly to some.

However, for the sellers, it’s a dream come true.

According to Rachel Koffsky, a specialist in handbags and accessories at Christie's, rare handbags make good investments — even better than gold.

"For a positive return on investment, numbered and limited edition pieces will stand out as they are only created in a very limited run," Koffsky said. "The less pieces exist on the secondary market, the more that a collector will spend to get a hold of it."

There was a time when women had pockets sewn in to their dresses for safe-keeping, but minimalism has long gone. Since then, handbags have taken over as one of the most functional and diligent accessories that went from necessity to a fashion statement in no time.

There is a bewildering amount of choice out there on what kind of handbag to buy — and what is worth the money. But buying one that is not only heavy on the pockets but also made out of an animal's skin is just horrific.

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