Heroic Elementary School Principal Dies Protecting Students

A beloved Indiana elementary school principal sacrificed her own life to save her young students when a school bus came rushing toward them.

Susan Jordan, an Indiana elementary school principal, went above and beyond her job title to save two students’ lives on Tuesday.

While Jordan helped load kids on to school buses at Amy Beverland Elementary School, one of the buses jumped the curb. In a heroic act of sacrifice, Jordan pushed several students out of the way— enduring the blow from the rogue bus herself.

According to CNN, the bus driver told firefighters she didn’t know why the bus jolted forward but she saw Jordan’s instincts immediately kick in to save her students.

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"They just loved her," she reportedly said. "Up to the minute she was alive, she was helping the kids."

Jordan was a beloved principal and educator with people constantly showing their admiration for her, according to CNN. Last May, students and staff even made an 11-minute video tribute thanking her for just being amazing.

The love and appreciation Jordan's students and colleagues had for her just go to show that selflessness was inherently in her nature.

The two 10 -year-olds Jordan saved were taken to the hospital after the incident with non-life-threatening injuries.

The school board released a statement honoring Jordan’s contributions to the school and surrounding community.

“Susan was an amazing educator. She had a remarkable way of making everyone she came in contact with feel valued and important," the statement read.

"She had a passion for children that is unmatched," it continued. "The entire Lawrence Township Community mourns her loss and extends our sympathy to the Amy Beverland Community the multitudes of people whose lives she touched." 

It truly seems as though Jordan died the same way she lived, putting others first. 

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